• Cost reduction

Outsourced accounting saves you money by eliminating the need to pay an employee’s benefits package. When outsourcing accounting, you only pay for the accounting service. This deducts salary costs. Accounting outsourcing can save up to 40% of monthly costs.

  • Visibility in money tracking

With only an accountant as an employee, it is too difficult to track what the departments in your company buy or what the money is spent on. In outsourcing accounting, things are different because there is already a team of accountants and you can follow in detail what is happening in each individual department.

  • Consultations for business

An accountant does not have enough time, experience or knowledge to provide a consultation in your business. The accountant does not keep track of changes in legislation, while an outsourcing accounting company does.

  • Departure of an accountant

You won’t have to worry about one accountant leaving and hiring another, you can continue your activity peacefully knowing that the accounting company will ensure uninterrupted accounting records.

  • Does not cover office maintenance expenses, workplace, office equipment – computer, printer, maintenance of office equipment, etc.
  • Payment is made for services provided, but not for hours worked
  • Constantly looking for the best solutions for the contracting company
  • The company manager will no longer face personnel problems in this department
  • Confidentiality of accounting information and employee salaries is ensured by the subcontracted company
  • The rates are fixed
  • Full access to the database is ensured
  • The accountant is always available
  • You no longer have to worry about why, when and where you have to show up
  • Recent changes in the legislation in force are monitored
  • The staff has extensive experience in the field of auditing and accounting
  • The accountant is always at your disposal
  • A free audit is performed for the accounting balances received, and then a competitive rate is set for your company.
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