1. Services in human resources (staff):

  • preparing documents and keeping records of the company staff in accordance with the law;
  • calculating the minimum wage according to categories;
  • development of staff and internal regulations;
  • developing and preparing individual employment contracts and material responsibility;
  • developing job descriptions;
  • drafting tables clocking;
  • keeping record of staff’s worked hours;
  • recordkeeping of personnel records;
  • restorating staff archive.

2. Labor protection services:

  • preparing documents on security and health at work ;
  • Developing instructions of protection for each function;
  • advice on introductory training and work.

3. Legal Aid Services:

  • drawing up collaboration contracts with partners;
  • undertaking measures for debt repayment from borrowers;
  • making applications, complaints, representation in court;
  • legal aid upon fonding a company registration, suspension or termination of the economic activity of the enterprise.

4. Real estate appraisal:

  • valuation of enterprises’ fixed funds;
  • appartments valuation;
  • houses valuation;
  • garages valuation;
  • commercial and industrial buildings valuation;
  • unfinished commercial and industrial buildings valuation;
  • new buldings valuation, etc.

Real estate appraisal is an analysis, an opinion or a conclusion upon the nature, the quality, the value or the utility of particular interests or aspects of a particular property, expressed by an impartial person specialized in property analysis and valuation, him being the real estate appraiser.

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