Audit Data offer fiscal consulting:

1. Consulting in auditing: providing information about possible errors and inconsistencies with Moldavian legislation in accounting to certain conditions;

2. Consultations in accounting: solving problems related to the accounting of the enterprise;

3. Consultations in RM tax legislation: explaining the calculation method, the reflection on accounting and the payment of taxes in accordance with tax legislation in force ;

4. Consultation in the subscription contract: permanent consulting for all aspects of the company ‘s accounting;

5. Unique consultation: advice on a specific question related to the company’s accounting;

6. Consultations for physical individuals: calculation , payment and optimization of physical individuals income tax, preparation , completion and submission of tax declarations for physical individuals , income tax refund from the budget ;

7. Consultations and service information on issues related to financial and tax legislation;

8. Investment management advice, the analysis of investment projects.

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