Company Audit Data SRL offers the following accounting services:

1. Keeping of accounting and tax records , reports presentations: complex system of collecting, identifying, classifying, processing , recording, generalization of accounting and financial reporting elements . This includes a wide range of accounting services , starting with processing and systematization of primary documents and finishing with the preparation and presentation of reports to tax and statistical authorities and mandatory social insurance fund .

2. Outsourcing : attracting audit company as chief accountant with or without retaining staff in basic accounting . This service offers a chance to get services of highly qualified specialists at an affordable price without offering office , without paying taxes on wages etc., paying only the price for the services requested.

Advantages of outsourcing :

  • Time-tested , ” Outsourcing in accounting ” is much cheaper than paying monthly salary of a staff accountant.
  • Carries out free audits of your accounting balances , and then a competitive rate is been selected for you.
  • Rates are fixed costs.
  • Ensures full access to database.
  • Accountant always in touch.
  • You must not be anymore concerned about what , when and where to send.
  • Timely monitor of all recent changes in legislation.
  • Experienced staff.
  • Organization of financial and managerial accounting : accounting organization in newly created companies or finding ways to optimize accounting within existing companies .

4. Restoration of accounting : accounting restoration is performed at companies where accounting hasn’t been kept, it hasn’t been preserved , or hasn’t been properly organized in order to avoid sanctions from control authorities.

5. Assistance to automate accounting .

6. Tax and calculation planning of liabilities to the budget for both physical individuals and business persons with tax preparation and presentation.

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