Dear resident of MOLDOVA IT PARK,

We remind you that the deadline for the presentation of the result of the mandatory audit regarding the annual verification of the activity of “MOLDOVA IT PARK” residents for the year 2021, by the auditors and audit entities registered in the Public Register of Auditors and the Public Register of Audit Entities held by the Supervisory Board public audit, is until April 30, 2022.

Audit-DATA SRL brings to your attention the fact that it is registered in the Public Register of audit entities, owned by the Public Audit Supervisory Council, with individual number 1902003, and in the ASP register, with no. 1008600016392, from 17.03.2008.

The audit company provides a wide range of audit services, including bookkeeping, at an impeccable quality, in terms of the client, at advantageous prices. It is equipped with techniques, machinery and equipment necessary for the performance of audit services and other related services, it has a wide practice of serving economic agents from different branches of the national economy of the Republic of Moldova.

We are willing to provide your company with related audit services, regarding the mandatory verification of the fulfillment of the necessary indicators for obtaining and maintaining the resident status of the information technology park, in accordance with the requirements of Decision No. 1 of 18.12.2018 of the “MOLDOVA IT PARK” Information Technology Park Administration.

The payment for the mentioned services (contractual cost) will be determined based on the consumption of the time required to fulfill the volume of services of the audit company’s staff and may constitute the amount from 100 to 1000 euros.

To determine the cost of audit services for your company, please send us the following indicators for the year 2021 to the email address

· Date of registration of the enterprise in the ASP register, as well as in Molodva IT park;

· Status of VAT payers / non-payers;

· Number of clients (contracts);

· Number of employees;

· Number of invoices received, issued monthly.

The payment will be made in the following way: advance payment in the amount of 50% of the total amount established in the audit contract at the time of requesting the audit services, and the difference – after handing over the works.

The company has qualified personnel, holders of qualification certificates in the field of general auditing, with extensive experience in the field of auditing, accounting and analyses. Four certified auditors and twelve specialists in the field of accounting and auditing currently work within the auditing company.

We assume full responsibility, towards your company, as well as towards the control bodies for the work performed and we guarantee confidentiality.

As a result of the analysis of the documents you present, the company proposes solutions to remove the identified gaps.

We offer high quality services at AFFORDABLE PRICES.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.


With great respect and consideration,


Crucerescu Ala


Auditor qualification certificate AG series no. 000281,

issued based on the decision of the Certification Commission of the Ministry of Finance on November 25, 2004

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