The purpose of an general audit is to improve the degree of confidence of the intended users of the financial statements. This is achieved by the auditor expressing an opinion on whether the financial statements are prepared in all material respects in accordance with an applicable general financial reporting framework.

The mandatory audit is subject to:

a) the individual financial statements of medium-sized entities and large entities, of public interest entities and other entities, according to the legislation in force;

b) the consolidated financial statements of the groups, according to the provisions of art. 27.

The role of the financial audit:

  • It verifies compliance with the conceptual framework of accounting, with the internal procedures established by the management of the economic agent
  • Verification and certification of the correct accounting reflection of financial statements, their faithful, clear and complete image throughout the financial year.

The fundamental objectives pursued within a financial audit mission:

  • Authorization, which provides assurance that only authorized events and transactions have occurred in the facility
  • Justification and evaluation, which verifies the existence of recorded assets and their value and that the company operates in accordance with the policies and procedures imposed by management
  • Compliance that ensures the correct recording of accounting information in accordance with the legislation in force
  • Archiving and keeping information secure, in accordance with the time required by law
  • Supervision refers to a detailed control over the quality of accounting records and operations performed on a daily basis

The audit of the financial statements represents the audit carried out by financial auditors with the aim of certifying that the information entered in the financial statements (in the balance sheet, the profit and loss account) presents the real situation of the company and conforms to the generally accepted principles.

The financial statements subject to mandatory audit, the management report of the respective entities and the auditor’s report are placed on the entity’s web page.

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